I'm Olivia.
New Politics. Lindsey Way. Tattoos. The Kooks. Skins. Psychology. Piercings. My Chemical Romance. Concerts. Boobs. Blood. Gore. Distillers. Starry nights. Horror movies. Pete Wentz. Irish accents. Suicidal. Hats. Modifications. Self harmer. Blink 182. Zayn Malik. Hair dye. Cats. Marilyn Manson. Hot chocolate. Razor blades. Distillers. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Scars. Zombies. Weed. Tigers Jaw. Jake. Classy. Trashy.

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yay i got my seahaven shirt back from andy yay 

Neck Deep - Losing Teeth

contemporary art 
"I would ruin myself to fix you."
One-Liners (via satans-ghost)

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"1. I find little parts of you in everyone. I met a boy yesterday, his name starts with a J, like yours, and the girl I sit next to in English class has a chipped tooth like the one hidden in the back of your mouth and the little kid I saw in the park today kinda laughs like you.

2. I heard drowning was a peaceful way to die but thoughts of you have been twisting around my ankles and pulling me under and holy fuck I can’t breathe. Water is slipping into my throat and my eyes burn. Everything hurts. I’m gonna snap in half. My mother finds me thrashing around in bed screaming your name. Drowning is messy.

3. I asked you for a pack of matches to light my cigarette but my skin caught on fire and you watched me burn myself to the ground. You could’ve put me out. Why didn’t you just fucking put me out?

4. I guess I don’t know what I was expecting. I know that life isn’t like the movies, I know you’re not going to follow me to the train station and stop me from leaving or climb in through my window in the middle of the night, I didn’t want you to kiss me in the rain, I just didn’t think you’d watch me slip through your fingers like I was nothing but someone to fall asleep next to when you were lonely.

5. You were never really into football or anything, your favorite sport was breaking my heart

5 things I hate about you (via icy-brunette)

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so what did you do those three days you were dead?